I live my life waiting. Waiting for something exciting about to happen, waiting for someone Who will fill me up. A person who’s gonna love me for who I am. That’s what my mother teached me. It’s like when you are going to walk your dog, he is always waiting for you by his side. You can say: go darling, make some pi. And he looked at you like: come with me, please. You’re always thinking that you have to be with someone by your side to be happy. That’s what my mother teached me. It’s like you needed another last name to become a real person in the society, and your family’s last name it’s not enough. Well, this is not true. You just have to trust yourself and make it happen instead of waiting for something that you know it’s not coming. Sometimes you have to face it, the only person who is able to fill you up it’s you. You have to be tough and gentle with your heart to know that differences make you stronger. And just you have the guts to do whatever you want to be. This happen because nobody is gonna change for you. And you are not changing for somebody. You just may change for yourself.


# Esse é o meu primeiro post, e ele é sobre eu e voce e qualquer outra pessoa. espero que gostem :]